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#1 Online Flower Bouquet Delivery Dubai Shop

Make the moment special with flowers! We offer a wide variety of flower bouquets in Dubai. That you can order for your loved ones. Designed artistically by our talented florists, each of our bouquets stands out from the herd. They would elevate the look and feel of the joyful event, and function, to the next level.

Those looking to buy fresh flower bouquets, in Dubai can order them from The Spell. We provide free delivery across Dubai, having a strong delivery network. Our floral arrangements for functions and celebrations will make the occasion memorable forever. Custom-designed understanding the client’s concepts, each of the floral decorations from our specialist team assures beauty, elegance, and aesthetic appeal.

Fresh Flower Bouquets for every occasion!

Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, marriage celebration, inauguration function or any other occasion, floral arrangements and flower bouquets are unavoidable. The best thing is that now you can get specially designed fresh flower bouquets in Dubai at reasonable prices. We deliver it to any location in the Dubai region on the day if you want or in the time schedule of your choice.

The Spell has a team of experienced florists. Their imaginative floral arrangements and decorations have been the main attraction of many events around. Along with beautifully prepared flower bouquets in Dubai, all types of decorations with fresh and dry flowers. Every order is completed responsibly, maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Same-Day Online Fresh Flower Delivery Across Dubai 

Do you want flower bouquet delivery, Dubai urgently? Have you missed ordering flowers for your dear one? Are you planning to surprise your spouse with a fresh flower bouquet in Dubai?

The Spell is the answer for all your “flowery” needs in Dubai. We have an unimaginable collection of fresh flower bouquets, dry flower arrangements, and floral designs. We endeavour to fulfil your wish of presenting a floral gift to someone close to your heart, located in Dubai. Our team strives to maintain quality consistently. Hence, each lot of flowers is checked and purchased. Each beautiful bouquet bears a signature of our exceptional skills.

 The best online flower shop in Dubai, The Spell is the right one to order flower bouquets in Dubai.

Send Fresh Flower Bouquets Online Across Dubai with The Spell

We have been the renowned flower delivery people in Dubai!

Looking at the wonderful collection of flower bouquets and floral arrangements, you will understand why we have been the leading online flower shop in the region. Our unique floral designs bear the splendour of beauty and excellence. No other can claim such an exceptional range of fresh flower bouquets in Dubai.

The things that make us the right online flower shop for flower bouquets around Dubai are:

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Check Out Our Top-Selling Fresh Flower Bouquets in Dubai

Our collection of flower bouquets is such enchanting that it would be a herculean task to pick the best one.

Floral Fantasy: This extremely appealing flower bouquet is directly from the world of fantasy. Floral Fantasy is made of exciting flower combinations that are decorated in a special manner, invented by our expert florists. Present it to the special person in your life or gift it during a celebration or occasion. The image of the flower bouquet itself will tell how beautiful this is. Order Floral Fantasy from The Spell now. We promise to deliver it today or at the time and day of your choice.

Emerald Enchantment: A bouquet made of a brilliant assortment of flowers! That is what Emerald Enchantment is. It would reflect how much you love that person, how appreciative of the event you are, or how happy you are to attend the function. Made of flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, and daisies, this magnificent fresh flower bouquet can be delivered to any sector in Dubai. Order us and we ensure proper delivery to the recipient. Go through the collection of floral arrangements from us and choose the one that you find the best.

Vibrant Violets: Add enthusiasm and energy to the moment with this flower bouquet, in which the dominant purple hue creates an electrifying effect. Using bright green foliage to enhance the appeal of the violet flowers, we have made this floral arrangement more vibrant. Delicate fragrance from the flowers will captivate the recipient, make the event more pleasant, and create an ever-lasting appeal. Impress the recipient with a Vibrant Violets flower bouquet in Dubai from us. Make the day wonderful.

Tranquil Twilight: Adorn the moment with the romantic twilight hue! Pick Tranquil Twilight which is designed with soft peach roses, with a light green accent. This bouquet reflects joy, admiration, and serenity with the simple colours and magnificent arrangement. It would go well with any occasion like a marriage function, birthday celebration, or any other special occasion. The colour combination of the flowers used is not loud, hence will suit the moment irrespective of the decoration pattern chosen at the venue. Check out our collection of fresh flower bouquets in Dubai if you are looking to present something exceptionally beautiful to a special one.

Majestic Marvel: A superb combo of Ranunculus and Roses, with an abundance of vivacious green foliage. That is Majestic Marvel. Let romance spread around and create a magic vibe in the atmosphere. Present Majestic Marvel to your loved ones, to elevate the level of passion and love. Roses are known for their timeless classic beauty. When the rose flowers are in combination with ranunculus, it creates an extremely different look and feel that cannot be described with mere words. It has to be felt to understand how Majestic Marvel can infuse colours into the moments.

Enchanting Ivory Medley: Enchanting Ivory Medley has been one of the most opted fresh flower bouquets in Dubai for occasions like marriage, anniversaries, and special events. Unlike other bouquets, this one does not have a cacophony of flowers or foliage. Pleasant, serene, and soft white is the soul of Enchanting Ivory Medley. It would brighten the occasion and create a positive feeling silently. Compare this simply beautiful floral arrangement with others and select the one that you find the best. Our online shop provides flower bouquet delivery, Dubai on the same day.

Serene Sunrise: Available in a variety of colours, tulips are known for their style and beauty. Serene Sunrise is a simple flower bouquet made of tulip flowers in a decorative wrap tied with a beautiful ribbon. The tulips can be customized according to your choice. It could be a small present on special days like Valentine’s Day, birthday, and wedding anniversary. The diverse colour options, reasonable price, and stylish arrangement make Serene Sunrise a popular choice among youngsters and professionals alike. For a custom-designed flower bouquet in Dubai, you may talk to us.

Enchanted Elegance: Is pink the colour the recipient loves the most? Then, Enchanted Elegance is the bouquet you must gift. A distinctive combo of pink and light green makes this bouquet an appealing one. Eucalyptus foliage at the base creates a contrasting hue that enhances the appearance. Besides, spreading a fresh fragrance around. You can consider this fresh flower bouquet in Dubai as well if you are looking for the best flower bouquet to gift. Get Enchanted Elegance at a special price exclusively offered at The Spell.

Celestial Splendor: Soft peach rose with fragrant eucalyptus leaves; that is Celestial Splendor from The Spell. An entirely different combo from what you have seen from others, this bouquet is stunning, with elegance reflected. You can order this flower bouquet delivery in Dubai irrespective of the occasion. Peach is a colour that exudes romance discretely. It is not loud like other flower bouquets, but the love and affection can be sensed by the beholder when you present Celestial Splendor. One of the excellent floral arrangements from us, this bouquet has impressive sales.

Angelic Aura: An impressive combination of tube roses with roses and other flowers is Angelic Aura, a widely chosen flower bouquet in Dubai from us. With rich aroma and exceptional beauty, tube rose will induce zest and zeal to the occasion. The rose in combination with the tube rose flowers will boost the joy and serenity of the moment. A classic flower combo, the Angelic Aura is the epitome of class, elegance, beauty and affection. Gift it to someone you love and feel how pleasant they are with this present.

Leading Flower Gifting Online Shop in UAE: Why Choose The Spell?

The Spell offers floral arrangements and flower bouquets in Dubai, made of freshly procured flowers. We are dedicated to making your celebrations, functions and occasions special. By adding the hue of joy and instilling the fragrance of love. Each of our dry and fresh flower bouquets is artistically designed by our skilled florists. Making us a cut above the rest.

Order flower bouquets in Dubai now. We provide same-day delivery in Dubai, as well as, delivery on the day of your choice.

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  1. Do you offer same-day Fresh flower bouquet delivery?

Yes, we provide same-day flower bouquet delivery across Dubai. The flower bouquet will be handed over to the recipient in the timeframe promised.

  1. How much does a fresh flower bouquet cost in Dubai?

The cost of fresh flower bouquets in Dubai will depend on the type and model of bouquet chosen. Normally the fresh flower bouquet cost starts at AED 140, which may change according to the availability of flowers.

  1. How do I keep the flower bouquets fresh?

Fresh and clean water will help in keeping the flower bouquets fresh for several days. The water should be replaced every two to three days. Further, dying foliage should be removed without any delay.

  1. Can I customize the flower bouquets?

Yes, you can customize the flower bouquet with the flowers that you prefer. We would be happy to deliver the customised fresh flower bouquet anywhere in Dubai.

  1. How much does it cost to add a message with the flower bouquet?

Zero. Message with the flower bouquet can be added without spending anything extra. We offer messages with the flower bouquet without any charges.