DIY Christmas Wreath


Explore the art of crafting a homemade Christmas wreath to infuse a touch of nature into your home during this festive season. This project serves as a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle, providing a tranquil and creative activity. Alternatively, you can engage the entire family for a shared experience of quality time together or you can just get in touch with The Spell Flower delivery in Dubai.

This year, start your DIY decorations journey with our simple, step-by-step tutorial for making a Christmas wreath from scratch. Take a walk into the woods to pick greenery, and with just a few basic supplies, you can create your own classic centrepiece to greet guests at your door during the holiday season. Through our  Flower Arrangement and Centrepieces guide,  you can learn all the basics of building a Christmas wreath at your own home!

Craft a Handmade Christmas Wreath

This blue-green wreath with subtle gold accents incorporates foraged English ivy, cones, and eryngium, enhanced with a touch of spray paint.

Begin by collecting your materials, either from your garden or purchased from garden centers and florists. You can use moss from your lawn or opt for sustainable carpet moss available online. It's advisable to wear gloves when handling thorny plants.

You Will Need:

  • Double wire wreath ring (30cm or 35cm)
  • Scissors
  • Florists' wire (both straight pieces and on a reel)
  • Sprigs of evergreen foliage (conifers like pine and spruce work well)
  • Ivy with berries
  • Moss from the garden
  • Decorations such as berries, cones, and eryngiums
  • Water-based spray paint (gold and blue)


Step 1: Tie one end of the florist's binding wire (on a reel) to the outer ring of the double wreath ring. Take a generous handful of moss, and attach it to the front of the ring by wrapping the wire around it and the ring. Continue wrapping moss around the ring, securing it in place. Do this all the way around without cutting the wire yet.

Step 2: Trim your greenery into hand-length pieces in preparation for adding them to your wreath.

 Step 3: If desired, use the color spray at this point to add accents to leaves or other decorations. Let it to dry for at least 15 minutes.

 Step 4: Create bunches of foliage, with larger leaves at the base and more delicate pieces at the front. Attach the first bunch to the front of the wreath, over the moss, by tightly wrapping the wire around the base and then around the wreath ring several times.

 Step 5: Continue adding bunches in the same way, ensuring that the foliage of each subsequent bunch overlaps the bottom of the previous one. Add enough bunches to cover the entire base of the wreath ring.

 Step 6: Incorporate decorations, such as cones, by winding straight lengths of wire around the lowest open part of the cone. Twist the wire to secure it, then thread the two ends through the wreath from front to back. Locate the wire ends at the back, pull the decoration tightly in, and bend the ends back into the wreath

Make a Festive Christmas Wreath

This festive wreath contains vivid plant elements that you can readily find in your garden, local parks, or even from professional florists in Dubai. While classic materials such as fir, holly, and crab apples are employed, feel free to experiment with more unusual materials such as Echinops seedheads, sunflower seedheads, and hydrangea bracts to offer a unique touch.

Materials Needed:

  • Three short sprigs of fir
  • Two stems of variegated holly with berries
  • Three larch stems with cones
  • 15 crab apples with stalks
  • Wreath base (25cm diameter), wire, or natural
  • Green florist wire (0.46mm/26swg diameter)
  • Satin ribbon of your color choice preferably red (1.4m long x 3.5cm wide)

Step 1: Secure three short fir sprigs onto a wreath base using wire. Repeat this process, overlapping each bunch and wrapping the wire around the wreath as you progress.

Step 2: Attach holly sprigs, larch cones, and stems to the wreath using short lengths of wire. Wind the wire around the stems of a cluster of crab apples. 

Step 3: Insert the wire into the back of the wreath and secure it in place. Attach a ribbon to the top (where it will hang from) and create a decorative bow. 

Create a Contemporary Christmas Wreath

This modern Christmas wreath is crafted using birch twigs, Scots pine sprigs, and the fluffy seedheads of an old man’s beard (Clematis Vitalba). You can leave it as is or enhance it with silver baubles or bells for added visual appeal. Easily make this stylish Christmas door wreath using birch and pine with these four simple steps.

You Will Need:

  • Birch twigs (15), approximately 90cm each
  • Scots pine sprigs and cones
  • Fluffy seedheads of Clematis vitalba around 5 pcs
  • Silver heart or bauble decorations
  • Garden twine

Step 1: Create a circle roughly 30cm in diameter using birch stems (tie the ends together if needed). Weave additional birch twigs into the loop to add thickness to the sides and form the wreath frame.

Step 2: Insert sprigs of pine into the wreath frame, including any cones you have. Angle the sprigs to create a tidy and textured effect.

Step 3: Incorporate a few seedheads of the old man’s beard, securing the stalks into the birch to ensure a firm hold.

Step 4: Enhance the wreath by adding silver hearts or other decorations that can latch onto the birch. Hang your completed wreath in a suitable location, and enjoy the modern festive touch it brings.

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