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Brown bunny tail

AED 280.00

Bunnies are undeniably adorable and make for an excellent addition to any home or office. Bunny tail dry flower arrangements are a unique and creative way to bring the sweet charm of a bunny into your home. The arrangement consists of dry, fluffy bunny tails and other dried flowers, such as lavender or eucalyptus. Bunny tails come in a variety of colors, from white to pink and even blue, making it easy to create a custom look and feel. The finished arrangement can be placed on a side table, in a vase, or even hung on a wall for a delightful display. Bunny tail dry flower arrangements are a fun, whimsical way to bring some life and color into your home. Plus, since the flowers are already dried and don’t require any special care, they make an excellent low maintenance addition to any home or office. So why not add some bunny love to your space with a bunny tail dry flower arrangement today?


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